We’re a lot more than just your average joe tree trimmers. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood super tree heroes! We can’t fly like superman, or shoot webs out of our hands, (although that would be cool, wouldn’t it?) we can cut or trim your tree better and more beautifully than you have ever thought possible. My uncle once told me with great tree trimming technique comes great responsibility and we’ve all taken that to heart. With our job loving heights is a MUST.

In our free time we are a bunch of acrobats who simply just missed tryouts this season to the local circus.

Not many people realize there is an art and process to tree cutting to get it done in the most effective, safest, and least timely manner. We just happen to be masters in what we love.

Feel free to have a conversation with one of our highly skilled professionals when we visit your property. Whether it’s about football (go Bills!) or about your property we’ll happily stay and consult with you.