Firewood Delivery

State of the art and reliable firewood delivery is a winter service we offer here at Olive Branch
Tree Care & Landscaping. There is nothing better than a nice cozy fire in the winter. We also
deliver wood for your wood stove if you have one. We know our firewood, as trees are an
area of expertise for us. Fresh cut green trees are not used for firewood, and we would not want to take from the environment in this way. All firewood delivered by Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping is
well seasoned and selected especially for your fireplace and wood burning needs. Hardwoods
hold a fire long and are recommended for your fireplace or wood stove, and keeps buildup of
creosote and other harmful substances from forming in your chimney or flue.
We here at Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping know exactly which firewood is good for
delivery. You can trust us to make sure you are getting in quality and quantity what you have
ordered and paid for.

Be especially careful getting firewood delivery from an unknown source, always check
credentials to make sure they are properly licensed and insured.
The average citizen does not know what makes up a “cord” of wood, standard cut sizes, or
how to tell if the wood is seasoned or not. We here at Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping
are well known and experts in what we do. Leave your firewood delivery to us and know what
to expect, and what you are getting.