Tree Removal in Buffalo NY

We are your number one Tree Service Buffalo professionals! Olive Tree Service and Landscaping is a company dedicated to ensuring proper care, maintenance, planting and removal of trees as well as providing landscaping design and installation.

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We strive for the best customer service and satisfaction, while bringing cutting-edge design and innovation. We create a unique, eye-catching look for your home and yard. We avoided using a first name, which seems to be the industry standard in tree service names, in fact we wanted our service’s name to actually speak for itself. We extend the olive branch to our community in WNY. Olive Tree Service makes a promise and a guaranty for the safest most reliable service in the WNY.

Our hand picked, highly skilled, team of professionals know all the in’s and outs of the tree care business and will make sure you are in a safe environment. If you’re curious about the details of how we do things, just ask! We’ll give you an in-depth explanation of how we’re going to tackle your unique project. From having years of experience in tree removal we’ve seen it all.

We have top tier, excotic, ferrarri looking, modern equipment in this industry for a number of different reasons. First off we wanna make sure we’re fully protected and can do your job to the best of our ability. Second, having beautiful equipment lets us do our job the right way without any hastle or headaches for you. Not only will it get done right, but your project will be done on time!

Sometimes something as simple as having a tree too close to your home can be a hazard because over time it’ll mess with your foundation and turn into a much bigger problem costing you an arm and a leg down the round. This entire headache can be prevented with one phone call to a professional.

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Emergency Tree Service in Buffalo

tree removalWalk outside and there’s a tree on your house? We hope not.

How about on your car? Hope you have good insurance.

We offer 24 hour emergency tree removal. High winds, unexpected heavy snowfall and rotten trees can wreak your house or property, in the chance that disaster strikes call us and we will dispatch an emergency crew and we will aid you, we’ll make sure you’re not in any life threatening situations.

The best way to deal with an accident is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

You shouldn’t have to worry about such situations, so it’s best to take care of them before it becomes a problem. The best thing you can do is give us a call as soon as you can and we’ll come check out your property for free.

If it’s a false alarm, no big deal. If we find something that’s potentially dangerous to you or your family, we need to eliminate that threat as soon as possible.

Stump grinder

stump grinding Stumps can be ugly and a pain for you to deal with. Not to mention provide hazards?around your home. Stumps have roots embedded very deeply, thus making it a pain to remove or deal with.

You can depend on your local Tree Service experts to take care of that for you and eliminate it from your worries.

Before beginning to work on your stump we will look out for the following obstacles:

  • Gas lines
  • Power lines
  • Water lines
  • Any sprinklers
  • Landscape lighting
  • Rocks of all sizes

Once you’re in the clear we can begin working and it’ll be done in no time.

A stump grinder is a lot like an extra-large chainsaw mounted on a frame that pivots. As the blade whirls, it will chip away at the stump and quickly take it down to ground level. Once the surface part of the stump is gone, we use the stump grinder to also remove the root system. This will prevent the stump from growing back, add nutrients back into the soil, and make the space usable for other plants. This is a much more efficient way to remove tree stumps than digging them out, chopping it up using a hand axe, or tying a chain around it and trying to pull it out with heavy equipment. It also has the added benefit of putting nutrients into the soil by mixing in the ground up tree stump.

Landscape Design

When it comes to design work, our design team gets all the credit! If you want a mona lisa, quality equivalent, on your yard give us a call. Whatever your house is worth our professionals at Buffalo Tree Service will come up with a new design and it’ll give the whole property an increase in value.

Just make sure your neighbors don’t get too jealous or they’ll send their kids to come mess it up.

A beautiful garden enhances the curb appeal of your home and improves not only your own property value, but the value of the homes around you, too. When it comes to property values in the neighborhood, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Property value isn’t the only reason to improve your landscaping, though. A well-landscaped yard can help you get the most out of your outdoor space, all year round – even when it’s cold and snowing outside. Our design experts will work with you to design an outdoor space that works for your family’s unique needs, whether that’s giving lots of space for little ones to run and play, installing extra-wide flower beds for the green thumb in your household, or putting in lots of interesting nooks and crannies for a cat to play and hide in. We love designing and installing custom gardens meant just for you.