Landscaping Design

We offer planning, preparation installation and execution for your ideal landscape. Adding curb appeal and increasing property value, let us help you reach your home improvement goals.
Landscape design integrates master landscape planning with garden design taking into
consideration landscape elements and the plants which are part of it, including the trees.
Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping carries you through with this from the initial
conceptual stages onto the final construction or completion of your landscape design.
With the ever evolving features of landscape design you can continually add to or improve
your landscape. Nature and culture walk hand in hand along with design and art tradition
when creating the perfect sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscape. What are three
important phases of landscape design?

  • Analysis- The site’s character is analyzed as the first step. The environment of the
    area is considered from a horticultural and artistic viewpoint, taking into consideration
    geography and architecture.
  • Planning- A master plan is created through careful planning and customization for
    your site in the landscape design project. Your ideas and dreams are incorporated at
    this point producing what you vision along with professional designers. The design
    elements, materials, trees, and plants are chosen.
  • Design- This is where the master plan becomes a reality and you are actually seeing
    the results of your carefully planned design, rather it be residential, or commercial.

Expert Landscape Design with Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping

Landscape design is very important to us here at Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping.
Seeing that you get the value you are seeking both financially, artistically, and for the
sustainability of your design are also very important to us. Lets create and make a reality of
the perfect landscape design for you.