Driveway and Walkway Plowing

We are here to take care of all of your outdoor needs including snow plowing which is
inevitable as the snows of Winter hit the Buffalo NY area. We are definitely no stranger to
snow. It is very important to us that you can safely and conveniently get down your sidewalks
and out of your driveway with ease.

State of the art techniques, proper technology, and tools are used to clear the areas where
you need the snow removed. We do not snow plow your cars in or place big piles of snow in
the way inconveniencing you or your neighbors.
Olive Branch Tree Care & Landscaping is in the business of taking care of and designing
master plans for the landscape and areas around it such as parking areas, and this includes
the snow which is part of the total environment.

If hand shoveling is required to put the finishing touch on your snow removal job, that is no
problem for us. We do not come and do a partial job, we do a job that is done well and

We take into consideration the surface under the snow so as not to cause damage to it with
our well practiced and professional snow removal techniques. Don’t just hire anyone off of the
street to do your snow removal, make sure they are licensed, insured, and know what they
are doing. Quick and efficient snow plowing is a necessity as part of your total outdoor care